IT Service Management

ServiceDesk Plus


Give a New Face to Your IT Helpdesk

Get IT Service Management in one pack that is easy to implement. Helps you streamline your IT support process and improve user experience at an affordable cost. Provide intuitive self-service portal that helps users to find answers to common problems. Empower your support staff on focus on resolving issues faster. Every information required-case history, user conversations, asset management and software details are just a click away.

  • Incident Management
  • Incident Detection and Classification
  • Automation, Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Resolution and Escalation
  • Incident Closure

Change Management

  • Initiate and Plan Change Request
  • CAB and Approval from CAB Members
  • Change Calendar, Implementation and Review
  • Change History

Problem Management

  • Problem Detection and Classification
  • Incident Associations and Root Cause Analysis
  • Solutions and Known Error Records
  • Problem Closure

Service Catalogue

  • Service Life Cycle
  • Resource Requirements
  • Approval and SLA
  • Access Control
  • Service Delivery

The SDP Package also includes: CMDB, Purchase Management, Contract Management, Knowledge Base Management, and Self-Service Portal.

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