Zirious | We dive deeper!

Zirious | We dive deeper!


Internet Monitoring, Social Listening, and Analytical Platform

Internet and social networks are storing massive amount of data that if being analyzed properly could reveal strategic information about the brand, products or services of any organization — from how customers are influenced, to what triggers an intent to purchase.

Zirious enables your organization to monitor what people are talking about your brand, products or services on the web and social media. Just define keyword of your interest and Zirious will do the rest. The system will monitor the Internet in real-time and presenting strategic results such as web or social media posts relevant to your organization, sentiment, trends or even potential security risks and threats to your organization and your brand.

Zirious helps you monitor:

  • Social network – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
  • Famous web/blog – Pantip, Sanook, Kapook
  • And much more – monitoring any specific website, social media or even the whole Internet!


Zirious Dynamic Keyword Service

Utilizing extensive knowledge in cyber security, Zirious can suggest ever-changing keywords that are most relevant to your environment and security concerns.